Ergonomics and Safety

  • The BIG FAT FRUIT & VEGGIE CUTTER™ is ergonomically designed to accommodate individual variances amongst operators - that is, differences in size, strength, and food preparation versatility
  • Choices in height settings for the Mobile Ergonomic Table customize the BIG FAT FRUIT & VEGGIE CUTTER™ to each individual operator, reducing load strain on the body by improving posture
  • Reduces repetitive strain and upper limb injuries for shoulders, rotator cuff, arms, elbows, and wrists, as well as alleviating lower back stress and fatigue
  • Promotes safety as the large cutting knife, mounted to a secure hydraulically-controlled housing apparatus, is never in contact with the operator
  • Compromising cutting conditions and possible human error causing injury are virtually eliminated
  • Easy operation and continuous use enhance efficiency, productivity, food quality, and personal job satisfaction
  • Injury compensation claims are reduced

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