When Cutting Watermelons...

The Challenge:
  • Large, heavy, awkward and juicy
  • Especially challenging to cut securely
  • Tough outer skin layer makes piercing difficult
  • The sufficient force needed to cut, while keeping fingers out of the way of a blade only adds to the challenge
  • Its juice often creates a suction around the knife, stalling it mid-cut, and making it difficult and dangerous to pull the knife free

  • Holds small to large watermelons, including uneven shapes
  • Eliminates bruising
  • Holds firmly so fruit doesn't shift
  • Provides even, clean cuts and portioning quickly and confidently
  • Blade penetrates outer skin easily, without needing the more forceful effort required with a freehold knife
  • Watermelon opens with the leveraged knife as it cuts, eliminating suction that entraps a standard knife at mid-cut
  • Eliminates operator's risk of injury
  • Increases cutting confidence; hence, productivity and efficiency
For information on the safety advantages of the BIG FAT FRUIT & VEGGIE CUTTER™, please visit the Ergonomics page.

For more information on the cutting capabilities of the BIG FAT FRUIT & VEGGIE CUTTER™, please download this document.